Georgia House Resolution 1681

Georgia House Resolution 1681, which would allow all revenue generated from the sale and use of aviation fuel to directly fund the Georgia Aviation System, will be voted on in the State House of Representatives by Wednesday, March 24. Currently, this revenue is deposited into the General Fund, leaving aviation-generated revenue funding other state programs. House Resolution 1681, would eliminate this practice, and place all aviation-derived fuel tax revenue into the Public Use Airport Improvement Fund to establish and maintain critical infrastructure at Georgia’s public use airports.

Please contact Representative Howard Maxwell at to register your support for the resolution. Identify yourself as a resident of the district and politely request their support for House Resolution 1681 which will:

  • Support increasing the safety and efficiency of the Georgia aviation system by dedicating the $35 million in aviation related fuel tax revenue to the Public Use Airport Improvement Fund – to be used only for maintaining and upgrading Georgia’s airports.
  • Provide Georgia’s airport program with a dedicated funding source to improve airport infrastructure, promote business growth, and create additional economic opportunity through increased airport expenditure.

Your fellow pilots are counting on you to you contact your Representative quickly and urge him to support House Resolution 1681 to ensure a vibrant future for Georgia’s public use airports.

Thank you.

AOPA Government Affairs <>

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