“10 Things other pilots do wrong”.

10 Things Other Pilots Do Wrong.

1) Airport Airheads.

    * Prop Blast.

    * Blinding strobes at night.

    * Thoughtless tactics. (Rental or flight school air craft)

        -2000 RPM cold starts.

        -Throttle slam.

        -Unnecessary door slam.

     *Blocking Taxiway. (This may be a problem, However do not allow the “Hurry up”    mentality to cause you to skip a run up)

2) Pet Peeves

    *Pilots not listening before calling. Just stop and listen!

    *Too much position reporting.

    *Too much chatting

 3) Pattern Predicaments.

    *Strung out legs.

    *Too tight of pattern.

    *The Failure to us proper aviation terminology.

4) Right seat pilots.

     *The right seat passenger grabbing the yoke or resting there feet on the pedal.

 5) Tiffs of technique.

    *Starts engine by the book.

    *Lean for taxi-follow the check list.

    *Taxi speed- A brisk walk.

    *Positive rate and gear up after useful runway.

    *Trimming in flare.   

6) Epic Ego.

    *”I can do anything”.

    *”You’re dumb, you don’t know anything”.

 7) Rental ridiculousness

    *Well kept aircraft perceptions.

 8 ) ATC “Quick Talk”.

    *Correct phraseology.

    *Pilots not using there full call signs.

    *Not thinking before they talk.

9) Instructor Scrubs

    *Student/instructor respect.

10) Too much Timidity.

    *Take small steps, don’t be bold.

 The Source of this information is by Steve Frahm with Air Safety Foundation in a pilots training seminar titled “10 things other pilots do wrong”. I encourage every pilot to further their knowledge and training. AOPA (Aircraft owners and Pilots association.) is a great resource for this training.         

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