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If there is one thing pilots like to do more than flying that would be talking about it. If you walk into any FBO or drive through your local airport you might see a couple of old pilots sitting around engaged in a round of hanger flying. Beyond actually flying or bragging about it you can also spot an aviation enthusiast by the “I’d rather be flying” tag, a “Piper” hat or maybe sporting a leather flight jacket. I have a Delta pilot friend who gave me the grand tour of his aviation memorabilities which he has collected over the many years of his career. A personalized item for a pilot adds a sense of connection when we can’t be at the airport.

Recently I was contacted by a Joe Frey at which makes custom design products from mugs to shirts to business cards. Now I get a lot of different offers sent to Private Pilot through mail, e-mail or on our Face Book page but, I have to say the design on the coffee cup that Joe forwarded me really caught my eye.

You can get a custom design mug with your name and/or aircraft tail number for as little as $15.95 and stainless travel mugs for as low as $22.20. My personal favorite is the 16oz Frosted Glass mug. has personally designed one of these mugs with our logo for Private Pilot Insider.

Zazzle is not limited to aviation, they have  gifts for all of your any occasions. You can find personal items for your pet, shirts for your kids, calenders for the office or a new case for your IPhone.

For more information and products, visit or contact Joe Frey with your questions. For this page click “Send Message” on left column to contact Joe directly.

Also, I want to hear your feed back on the new Private Pilot Insider Mug and if you see something you like at don’t forget to mention Private Pilot Insider when you place your order.

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