is the aviation marketplace for used airplanes for sale as well as all used aircraft for sale. Dealers and brokers throughout the United States and abroad trust by listing their entire inventory of used airplanes and used aircraft for sale. Their listings include all types of Cessna aircraft for sale (featuring used Cessna airplanes), Cessna 172 and Cessna 182, Cirrus aircraft including the Cirrus SR22, Piper aircraft, all models of Learjets for sale, Diamond aircraft, Grumman aircraft, Gulfstream aircraft and all makes of jets for sale

 2006 Challenger 300

This is the quality of aircraft you can expect from

Mark J. Horne, Founder & CEO

Mr. Horne’s understanding and passion for the aviation and Internet industry is the foundation for the success of He is an instrument rated pilot and currently working on his helicopter rating.

Mark has tremendous experience in Internet architecture and the marketing of specialized “classified-ads” and manufacturer product display websites. In fact, 2001 Mark founded,, and Each website now competes as the leading websites in the world in their respective fields. Mark puts his knowledge and success in the online industry throughout all aspects of

Mark’s background includes extensive financial experience including evaluating financials and business plans for companies wishing to go public. Mark has held the NASD Series 7, 63, 24 & 27 “Fin-Op” (Financial Operating Principle) and was a market maker and Level III trader at a broker/dealer (“B/D”) that he co-founded/owned when he was 23 years old. In addition, he started the New York Bagel Exchange and brought the company public. Mark entered the Internet industry in 1998.

Mark enjoys all types of sports and has over 2,000 hours logged as a scuba diver. He works with the BeGreat, LifePilot and LifeManual organizations as well as the Make-a-Wish Foundation. When Mark isn’t working or flying, he is certain to be found somewhere on the water navigating his boat with his fiancé Cathy. Mr. Horne’s personal goal is to be considered a very moral, Christian and Spiritual individual.

Laura Thompson, President of Sales

Laura brings a deep and clear understanding of owning, managing, flying and selling all types of aircraft to Laura’s knowledge and passion for flying all types of aircraft is rarely matched by pilots with even ten years more experience.

Laura comes from a long line of highly experienced fighter and civilian pilots and took her first flight when she was only 4 weeks old in the family’s Piper Archer. Laura is the daughter of pilot Dorothy “Dottie” Thompson.

By the age of 18, Laura had both the commercial single and multi-engine fixed wing ratings. Shortly after finishing up her first year of college and flight training, she purchased a 1961 Piper Colt to gain experience and build her first few hundred hours. She credits most of her knowledge and experience, however, to being a “freight dog,” which is believed to be one of the most grueling and arduous flying jobs in America. She flew for a part 135 freight company, delivering time sensitive laboratory and bank work across the southeast part of the United States. Laura also experienced working in the corporate world, flying for a major contract cable company which had a King Air 200 and a Piper Seneca.

In fact, at the age of 21, Laura had over 2,200 hours of pilot in command time and had expanded her ratings to include seaplanes and helicopters.

To facilitate Laura’s passion for teaching and mentoring, she is a well respected FAA Certified Flight Instructor that has taught and endorsed several new private pilots, as well as advanced instrument and commercial pilots, while giving/gaining over 700 hours of dual flight instruction.

As a continuation of her passion, Laura continues to teach private (VFR), instrument (IFR) and commercial instruction to select pilots in her free time at Clearwater Airpark Flight School. She is currently a member of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA), Whirly Girls International (#1606), and Women in Aviation. When Laura isn’t flying she can be found on a boat or in the water as she loves marine life.

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UsedAirplanes, Inc.
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Tampa, FL 33607

(Tommy Eldridge / Private Pilot)

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