Transitioning through Atlanta Hartsfields class bravo.

Hello and welcome to Private Pilot Insider. In this video you can come and ride with us as we take the “Super Hawk” through the Atlanta Hartsville-Jackson airports class bravo airspace on our way to the EAA chapter 38’s Saturday morning breakfast at Warner Robins field in Perry, GA. Hawk Avionics of Calhoun, GA has designed and installed all of the latest electronic equipment available. This equipment enabled us to keep an eye on every airplane arriving at and departing from Atlanta’s class B airspace giving us double protection over top of approach control. The Garmin 600 helped me to keep my altitude and air speed very accurate. The Avidyne EX600 helped me to keep track of the precise location including the altitude of all aircraft. It is truly well worth its weight in gold in collision avoidance. Add in the AuRacle CRM2100 on board engine monitoring system and my airplane nearly fly’s it’s self. All of this equipment is available for sale and installation by Hawk Avionics. If you would like to test this equipment for yourself contact me and schedule a test flight to see for yourself first hand. Do you want to fly the Super Hawk? E-mail me at

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