Preflight Passenger Briefings

     How well do you brief your new passengers before you depart. Do you take for granted they know how to buckle or exit an airplane in an emergency.  Here are just a few areas that should be covered before you leave.

BY: Blake Crosby of
This document satisfies CAR 602.59
Before passengers are allowed to be carried in an aircraft, a passenger briefing must be performed. This
is the law. It is similar to the ones you see the flight attendants do when you fly in commercial aircraft.
The pilot will go over the passenger briefing with you on the day of the flight. If you have any questions,
that would be the time to ask them.

There is no smoking in or around the aircraft as well as on the tarmac at any time.

First Aid
There is a first aid kit located behind the rear seat. It is either a white box or a red pouch that says “first
aid” on it. Survival equipment will also be located in this area if equipped.


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