My path to the Boeing 767

Delta Air Lines Pilot Jim Tuley

     “If I miss more than 3 days in the air it’s because I’m home in bed sick”. That was the response I received to my question, how often do you get to fly?

Let me introduce you to veteran pilot and aviation enthusiast Jim Tuley.

     Born in Chicago in the late 70”s later moving to Atlanta, GA Jim was all about aviation from just a child. Following in the foot steps of his grandfather, he was destined for a career in the air.

     After high school Jim would move to Arkansas to attend law school. In 1994 during college, Jim started taking flight for his private pilots license at the local airport to escape the pressure of the class room. Upon completion of college and realizing law was not for him, he returned to Atlanta to complete his flight training from a private pilot with an instrument rating to ATP certified.

     Upon completion of his certificates in 1997 he started his career  flying with Captain Herb Emory in the WSB sky plane.

     For the next 11 years, Jim would work building time as a flight instructor, in corporate charters, with ASA, transports and more all in pursuit of a much larger goal.

     On April 21, 2008 that goal would become a reality as Jim would take the right seat of an MD88 for Delta Airlines. Now with more then 8000 hours logged, Jim is now on the next leg of his career aiming his sights towards Captain of a Boeing 767.

      Amongst his favorite aircraft is the King Air 200 and the T38 Talon. He goes on to say “If I could have any job in the world it would be a Curator of a flying museum, I just love all types of aircraft”.

Tommy Eldridge

     I want to thank Jim Tuley for taking time to share his story and the path he took. I look forward to learning more in the future.

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