Lock out Look out!

There was a time, not all that long ago, when flying was more innocent and carefree. It didn’t matter much whether you flew from a small country airstrip or a sprawling metropolitan airport. Comings and goings were casual and spontaneous. Locked gates, identification badges, security checkpoints and other trappings of some modern day airport operations were unheard of. Airspace contained far fewer restrictions and access limitations.

Nowadays, being a citizen of the airport community carries with it a different set of rules and responsibilities. It’s important to adhere to and support local security procedures. That also helps reassure the public that local aviation facilities are not only an asset to the community, but secure at all times. A big part of maintaining that security involves members of the aviation community watching out for each other and their property, just as neighbors in a community help keep each other safe. AOPA’S Airport Watch program is as easy to participate in as its slogan “Lock up. Look out.” Learn tips from securing aircraft and hangars, to holding security meetings, from how to identify suspicious activity to finding out how pilots can report observed problems to authorities.

Security extends to how we conduct ourselves during flight operations too. Being up to date on airspace rules is the starting point. Next, keep an eye on the locations of Temporary Flight Restrictions, and operations within Special Use Airspace via your preflight weather briefings and such helpful tools as the AOPA Internet Flight Planner.

For more tips on how to keep your aircraft and airport safe visit www.aopa.org

Store by
Chris Moser, CFI/CFII/MEI
Aviation Technical Specialist
AOPA Pilot Information Center

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