Aviation Instrument Panel Placards

The following video is a demonstration of the designing and cutting of an aviation instrument panel placard by Sean Hachem of Hawk Aviation Maintenance in Calhoun, Georgia.

The machine is now prepared. The rotor is removed and the engraver is installed and adjusted.

The placards are first designed on the computer.

Once the machine and placard design is complete the cutting begins.

Water is applied to keep both the engraver bit and the placard material cool.

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The Placard lettering will be cut first.

The progress can be followed on the computer screen.

Once the lettering is cut out the machine is now ready to cut the outer edges of the instrument placards.

After all cutting is complete any rough edges are smoothed with a file.

The edges are further smoothed with a razor knife.

After the edges are complete the letters will now be filled in with a paint stick.

The excess paint will be removed.

This is the finished product.

For more information on custom cut aviation instrument placards or for ordering information visit Hawk Aviation Maintenance at www.hawkav.com or call Sean Hachem at area code 706-659-4254.

Tommy Eldridge

Private Pilot Insider

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