A cleanup and maintenance

I really like having a hanger to keep the airplane in, It has been a long time since I’ve had this luxury. It’s still kind of warm here in north Georgia but, it beats being out in the direct sunlight. Before you ask, NO, we did not do anything to her that requires an A&P license to do so.

This COVID virus thing has nearly put a stop to our flying. Although Rich and I are flying together again now, we had stopped for some time just for safety. I was also doing some training with an instructor but have not restarted that yet. Soon, very soon.

So much of life has got in the way. The company that I worked for in television broadcasting up and closed down (because of the effects of the virus) with just about every other local company in the area in mid-March so that kinda put a damper on things. Then, my wife and I put one of our homes up for sale and that took not only all of my extra time but also my hobby money as well.

Rich and I got to go out and do some flying the other day and we took turns doing landing so we could get recurrent again. Had a great time but, man was it hot. Even at altitude, there was warm air blowing in. Looking forward to a little cooler weather and getting this house sold so at least somethings can get back to normal.

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